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  • Silibinin 100mg/ml , 60ml
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    Silibinin   Silibinin (also known as "Silybin") is the major active flavolignan constituent of silymarin, which is a combination of flavonolignans extracted from Silybum marianum (milk thistle).  Other flavolignans found in silymarin are isosibilinin A and B, silicristin, and silidia..
  • Ursodeoxycholic Acid, 30g
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    Ursodeoxycholic Acid Ursodeoxycholic acid, or ursodiol, is a secondary bile acid found in the gut.  Bile acids are byproducts from the metabolism of gut bacteria/fauna.  Ursodeoxycholic acid is found in the human body endogenously and modulates cholesterol levels by breaking apart chole..