Melanotan I 10mg

Melanotan I 10mg

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Afamelanotide (MT-1) Catalog Description (10mg)

Afamelanotide, also known by the name melanotan-1 (MT1) is a synthetic analog of alpha melanocyte stimulating hornone (a-MSH), formerly produced at University of Arizona and then for development commercially by Clinuvel Laboratories. Afamelanotide is known as a method of studying the melanocortin system, as well as a potent inducer of melanogenesis (skin pigmentation changes in both human and animal trials)[1]; other less known indications include for rare photosensitivity syndromes[2], repigmentation in pigmentation disorders, and possibly prevention of ultraviolet damage when taken prior to sun exposure[3].

Dorr et al (2004) studied afamelanotide and compared different doses or placebo across three groups as a UV protectant and UV reducing tanning aid and touted impressive results:

Tanning in the first study was achieved in 3 of 4 subjects receiving MT-1, and these subjects also had 47% fewer sunburn cells at the irradiated neck site. More skin sites darkened with the higher dose of MT-1 in the second study. In the third study, there was significantly enhanced tanning of the back in the MT-1 group, and this was maintained at least 3 weeks longer than the tanning in the sunlight-only controls, who required 50% more sun-exposure time for equivalent tanning[4]

Those trials demonstrated distinctive effects of afamelanotide: less damage from UV radiation; darker tanning; and longer-lasting tanning, leading Dorr to state that

The intent of these studies was to examine whether MT-1 could be safely combined with small amounts of
UV-B. A secondary end point that was investigated was whether there was additive stimulation of pigmentation or an alteration in the biological response ofskin to UV-B, measured by the presence of sunburn cells..... Melanotan-1 can be safely combined with UV-B light or sunlight and appears to act synergistically in the tanning response to light[4].

However, the assistive property toward tanning is not the only way in which afamelanotide could prevent or heal damage. In addition to a general anti-inflammatory effect, MT1 exhibits an antioxidant effect that is likely from Nrf2[5]. Afamelanotide has demonstrated anti-proliferative effects towards cancer cells in a lab dish, but results have not been replicated thus far in complex living systems [6].

Other effects attributed to afamelanotide include a slight reduction in appetite, changes in metabolic activity through the melanocortin system favoring fat loss, and increases in libido.[7]


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