Raloxifene 60mg/ml , 60ML

Raloxifene 60mg/ml , 60ML

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Raloxifene 60mg/ml, 60ML

Raloxifene (trade name Evista) is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) shown to increase testosterone in men, potentially treat adolescent gynecomastia, potentially kill prostate cancer cells, and help reverse bone density loss in osteoporosis including elderly male osteoporosis[1][2][3][4]. Like other SERMs, most similarly tamoxifen, raloxifene is used to treat ER-positive breast cancer[5]. Raloxifene may be a more benign alternative to tamoxifen in terms of ocular, carcinogenic, and other adverse side-effects[6][7][8].

Kastelan et al (2006) highlight the reasons raloxifene may be not only safer or with fewer adverse effects than tamoxifen but also a more suitable therapy for men:

SERMs may be useful for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis not only in postmenopausal women but also in elderly men...Raloxifene has been shown to increase bone mineral density of the hip in men receiving androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer. Moreover, experimental data demonstrated dramatic increase in cell death in human prostate cancer cell lines after the treatment with raloxifene.[4]

The effects of raloxifene, similar to other SERMs, are primarily mediated through the estrogen receptor (ER), and although it is considered an anti-estrogen (estrogen receptor antagonist) in some tissues raloxifene acts as an ER agonist. It is from mimicking the effects of estrogen in various tissues that some of the atypical effects of raloxifene occur, such as increased bone mineral density.

Raloxifene has a positive effect as an adjunct treatment in schizophrenia, in men as well as women, possibly owing to the neurosteroid-like effect (similar to estrogen but without feminizing side-effects) of the compound functioning as an estrogen receptor agonist[9].

In animal models of Parkinson’s Disease, where estrogen has previously been shown to be neuroprotective, raloxifene was also found to be neuroprotective by Litim, Morissette, and Di Paolo[10].


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